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Prostate Cancer Quality of Life Survey: Understanding Symptoms and Psychosocial Factors

Investigators: Dr. Dean A. Tripp ; Dr. Robert Siemens ; Dr. Jason Izard

Welcome to our online research survey.  

Our urological research is focused on understanding, documenting, and improving patient quality of life. Our research mission is to "hear" what our patients tell us. We are committed to helping patients live the best life they can. 

This survey examines several symptoms of Prostate Cancer as well as quality of life. In particular, you will be asked questions that focus on your mood, hope, and general questions about how you view your life.    

We expect a wide range of responses from patients suffering from Prostate Cancer. Whether you are relatively symptom free or you are experiencing a low point in life, it is important that you answer the questions truthfully. In this way, every patient that completes this survey contributes valuable information that gets us (healthcare providers and the cancer community) closer to understanding our patients' experiences. In other words, this survey is an opportunity for you to help one another as a community. 

Thank you for your attention and thank you in advance for completing the survey. 


Dean Tripp

Dr. Dean A. Tripp
Associate Professor in the departments of Psychology, Anesthesiology and Urology
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Canada.

On the next two pages you will review the study consent form. These pages provide information on what you are being asked to do and other important study details.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000